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Big things come in small packages,

and these vendors are no exception! Our small-independent artisans and crafters have a proven track record of sustainability and conscious creation. If a product can be made sustainably with organic and compostable materials… IT IS.

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Dream Garden Time Everybody!

We love our gardens and know you will too! Our certified permaculture design team is on call and ready to turn your backyard into a beautiful and plentiful garden. Fully planted and prepared to provide nourishment, joy, and security to everyone in your home. 

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It takes a village. So we found one!

Our produce is grown on-site by members of the Sirius Ecovillage & Farm.  These happy, healthy, inspired people love growing organic produce and supplying our local community with beautiful  healthy food.

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Design Your New Garden!

& We’ll build it!


Artisanal Products

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Our products reflect these principals by turning everyday single-use products into reusable, washable, or compostable items. 

Health and wellness products, clothing, tailoring, jewelry and more. Our local artisans put their time and love into every product they create.

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Laurette Jullien


Dani Angel

Health & Wellness

Virtual Farm Stand

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